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With the best pavers around, we get the job done. Commercial or residential, no matter how small or large the job gets done fast and clean. Our fleet of equipment employs the most current paving technology to ensure accurate placement of the pavement and superior quality control. Whatever is required for your project, Cavado Concrete Corp will deliver a safe and thorough job, with as few interruptions to your normal activities as possible.


Indistinguishable from the real thing. Please view photos and view in person. We invite you to see for yourself.

Typically looks nice when initially installed. A few years later, due to a mere sand and granular base, settling of pavers results in an up & down surface that is no longer level and flat.

Gives elegant, permanent, yet informal "Old World" feel.

Mostly shades of red and red-brown. Limited number of shapes available.

Usually white. However, can be colored for a more unique look.

Limited color options. Difficult to get neat looking edges. Cracks will likely develop. Stamped and colored asphalt looks fake.

Typically a rustic look. Appearance varies with color and shape of stones.

Stamped Concrete



Clay Brick

Ordinary Concrete


Crushed Stone or Gravel

Moderate - About 33% less than the cost of pavers

High - Each unit must be fitted together by hand. Very labor intensive.

High - Each unit must be fitted together by hand.

High - Concrete base often requires which increases cost. Inconsistent dimensions make units slow to install and difficult to maintain straight pattern lines.

Low - Although a little too difficult for a homeowner to install, professional contractors abound

Low - Goes in quickly over compacted aggregate base. Can't be installed by homeowner.

Low - Dumped and spread over soil (no base required)


Initial Cost & Installation


Winter Durability

Low - It is recommended that a reseal be performed only once every 3 to 4 years. For a vibrant and richly colored look, a reseal can be performed every 1 to 2 years.

Moderate to High - Due to settling, sometimes needs to completely re-leveled within 5 years. Further, ants and weeds in joints need constant maintenance and can be an issue

Low - High quality stone lasts for decades. Wide joints may encourage weeds and ants. Rough surface makes walking and driving difficult.

Low - Irregularities in surface make them prone to damage, especially edge chipping.

Low - Virtually no maintenance when properly installed

High - Wear and weather will break down surface. Black seal coat required every 2 - 3 years. Ruts or pothole repairs make ugly patches. Subject to erosion from oil drippings.

High - Scattered stone must be replaced and re-leveled regularly. Ruts from tires will likely develop.

High - Sealed surface is nearly impenetrable and protects against moisture and the elements.

Moderate - Pavers can shift over the course of a long winter and may need resetting in the Spring.

High - High density stone resists cracking and salts.

Moderate - Salts can attack and deteriorate some clay pavers.

High - Modern concrete is far superior to that of years past. Proper installation is the key.

Low - Cracks from freeze-thaw settlement and deteriorates from de-icing salts.

High - Stones resist freeze-thaw cycles and salts.

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431 St Mihiel Drive, Suite 101

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